Alp Sigel circular hike

Alp Sigel circular hike
LengthAscentDescentMinimum heightMaximum heightApproximate duration
6.51 km91 m747 m979 m1609 m2:00 h

Natalja with Bailey & Eliane with Simba (from 01.05.2019):

Alp Sigel is situated on a ridge between Wasserauen and Sämtisersee and can be reached either on foot or by a small gondola which you can operate yourself. Well then, we decided for the latter and were the third to go up on May 1st. Once arrived at the top, one hardly gets out of amazement - the view to the Hoher Kasten is too impressive. The way up is quite easy, but in winter it is partly hardly visible, so I wouldn't recommend the path for winter. Sometimes even in May it was very difficult to estimate how high the snow is (we were walking without snowshoes). Everywhere one looks, gigantic mountains rise. If you follow the path, you arrive after about 30 minutes at the Chüeboden, where the hiking trails split up: On the one hand towards the Seealpsee and on the other hand to the Sämtisersee or the starting point. At the last hut in the village there is a steep path downhill that can easily be overlooked. This winds through a fairytale forest that offers shade on hot days. When we arrived at the bottom, we had a wonderful view of the Sämtisersee lake, which lies between the Alps and is not very crowded during the week or on colder days. Here we took a short break to enjoy the silence and to take one or the other photo. Directly above the lake there is the mountain inn Plattenbödeli, which we can highly recommend. From here we go through the Brüeltoben and the Hexenwäldli (including beautiful waterfalls) steeply down to the Pfannenstil (Brülisau). During the whole hike on the Alp Sigel no one came towards us, only when we reached the bottom we met someone here and there. A wonderful hike for humans and animals!
P.S. For one or the other picture we took our dogs off the leash and used an invisible one instead 😉 (the old tried and tested goodie)


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