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ANIMALIA NEWS 04/24, the platform for traveling with dogs

Interview with Livia Waser (founder of the brand " Experience Switzerland with your dog") on the topic.

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Schweiz mit Hund erleben

SRF1 Treffpunkt: Wandern mit Hund 04/24

Mit auf die Wanderung kann grundsätzlich jeder gesunde, lauffreudige Hund. Wanderhunde sollten jedoch gewohnt und trainiert sein längere Strecken zu laufen. Auch die Grösse eines Hundes spielt eine wichtige Rolle.

Grosse Hunde, wie zum Beispiel Bernhardiner, sind durch ihr Gewicht in der Regel nicht für sehr lange Touren geeignet. Kleine Hunde, wie der Rehpinscher, müssen aufgrund ihrer kleinen Grösse deutlich mehr Schritte machen als wir Menschen und können schneller ermüden.

Gast im Studio: Anita Rossel Mitinhaberin Alpinschule Bergfalke, Wanderleiterin mit eidg. Fachausweis, Ausbildungschefin Naturfreunde Schweiz Bergsport und seit Jahren im Lawinenhundesport tätig.

Am Telefon: Livia Waser- Buchautorin Die Schweiz mit Hund erleben - 35 Erlebnis-Wanderungen für Zwei- und Vierbeiner. Erschienen im Helvetiq-Verlag.

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Schweiz mit Hund erleben

SRF1: Experience Switzerland with a dog 12/22

Hikes where the pace is secondary and the experience is guaranteed.

Livia Waser and her dog Kaya hiked 35 adventure hikes for two- and four-legged friends for her book. In this book you will find hiking suggestions for the whole of Switzerland and all seasons, including information, maps and useful tips and tricks for experiencing nature together with your dog.

- 35 hikes for dog owners and their four-legged friends

- For experienced and less athletic people

- With exciting activities for dogs and humans

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Schweiz mit Hund erleben

Tamedia: Publishing supplement Around Travel 10/22

Not without my dog

Traveling without a four-legged friend is a no-go for many dog owners. Meanwhile, the tourism industry holds quite a few dog-friendly offers already. Be it a vacation home, hotel or camper: the fur friend should be there.

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Experience Switzerland with dog

Radio Munot 04/22

Interview about the book: Experience Switzerland with dog

Hikes which are not 0815 and not "just run around the block". Livia Waser reports as a new author about her 35 tours which were newly compiled in the book "Experience Switzerland with dog".

SkG Hundemagazin 04/22

Hiking with dog - it does not take much to be happy

Switzerland is a hiker's paradise - not only for humans, but also for our beloved four-legged friends. But what should we bear in mind? And which routes are suitable for dogs
? Livia Waser has not only collected 35 special pleasure hikes
in her new book, but also compiled many useful tips, tricks and info. With us
spoke the freshly minted author and initiator of about particularly beautiful, but
also disappointing experiences, her favorite hiking moments and the question of what in life
actually makes happy.

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Hiking with dog - it does not take much to be happy

Blick - French-speaking Switzerland 4/22

Hikes to do with your four-legged friend

On the occasion of the release of the book "Swiss Dog Hikes", a nature-loving photographer, Livia Waser, presents 35 walks, each one more beautiful than the other. Blick has selected five of them for you.

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Hikes to do with your four-legged friend

Zurich Daily Bulletin 3/22

Hiking guide: Experience Switzerland with dog

With the arrival of a dog in a person's life, many things change. You also become more active and can discover the world in a new way.

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Hiking guide: Experience Switzerland with dog

Swiss Dog Magazine 7/20

Dog friendliness put through its paces

For three years, Livia Waser has been running the information portal with over 160 tourist providers. In these, dogs are not only allowed, but even quite welcome. Swiss Tourism Association

STV - Swiss Tourism Federation 7/20

Tips for vacations and leisure with the dog in Switzerland

"Discover the world - experience adventure", that's what Tourism stands for. The new online platform has set itself the goal of uniting all dog-friendly service providers in Switzerland. It offers free tips on how and where dog owners can spend leisure time in Switzerland together with their dog. Swiss Tourism Association

TV24 7/2019 in the lion's den Switzerland

Hobby or not - will the lions invest...? Look for yourself :-)

Linth newspaper 5/2019

Young entrepreneurs venture into the lion's den

Start-ups from the region vie for the favor of investors on TV: Young entrepreneurs from Gommiswald, Uznach and Rapperswil-Jona are competing in the show "Höhle der Löwen Schweiz".

Caves of the Lions Switzerland

Dogs SKG SCS 2/2019

A dog changes leisure and vacations

Dog-friendly hotels and campsites; cross-country ski trails where dogs are allowed; hiking routes or restaurants with their own menu for dogs: all this and much more can be found on the Internet platform

Vacation with dog

Blick Caravan-Extra 2018

Che Bello! The dog travels with

The beauty of vacationing in a camper: There's enough room for the whole family - including the much-loved dog. The Suisse Caravan Salon is the first trade fair in Europe to dedicate a separate themed area to dogs.

Camping vacations with dog

Swiss Dog Magazine 07/18

Chairlift riding with dog must be learned

Often it is the uncertainty which interrupts great hikes because of the chairlift. With a lot of calm and patience, this hurdle can also be overcome. On August 10, 2018, the first chairlift course was held by Tourism and Anita Ziegler (

Chairlift course with dog

Swiss Dog Magazine 05/18

20 teams explore the Way of St. James with dog in Switzerland

The Swiss online portal for leisure activities with dogs ( launched a new project "Way of St. James with dog: Switzerland" at the beginning of 2018. In January 2018, 20 teams were sought on Facebook in the group "Jakobsweg mit Hund: Schweiz" (Way of St. James with a dog: Switzerland), who would like to hike the twelve official hiking routes of the Way of St. James in Switzerland across Switzerland and explore them with a dog.

Way of St. James Switzerland with dog

Meet & Greet with Martin Rütter/15.04.18

Cock-a-doodle-doo the tour cock is handed over

For a good cause Martin Rütter gives on 15.04.18 in the Hallenstadion Zurich his beloved tour cock for 1 year as an "Au Pair" to, which can then later be auctioned again.

Coop Newspaper/28.11.2017

Bergi walk - on a hike with dog

Dog Kaya loves the smell on the ground, Livia Waser the view into the distance. This makes a hike with the dog an unadulterated experience.

Swiss Dog Magazine/03.08.2017

Discover the world - experience adventure! Tourism offers the perfect leisure platform for every dog lover. Over 50 service providers have joined the leisure project since November 2016 and support with enthusiasm and a lot of heart.

Your dog is also welcome here

No matter whether a longer trip, a short vacation or even just a day trip is waiting for you - the four-legged friend must not be missing under any circumstances. Together with Tourism, Züriost has therefore put together some offers in the region, where not only you, but also your dog is welcome.

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