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Here's to a friendly get-together!

We live in an age of laws, prohibitions and obligations. We as responsible dog owners should be role models for other dog owners! We are responsible for our behaviour with our dog. Only if mutual consideration is self-evident, we can change something and prevent even more laws and increasing intolerance towards dogs and their humans. There are a number of unwritten rules, an "etiquette for dog owners". For many a matter of course, for others listed here again:

1. if a leashed dog comes towards me, I immediately take my dog on the leash without any "ifs and buts"! It is unimportant, how compatible and dear the own animal is. Because the other dog is on a leash and a contact would not be fair. Besides, there are more and more important reasons to keep a dog on a leash (illness, heat, socially not stable etc.). And maybe the oncoming team is just in training, whether walking, social skills, etc.. Every time an unleashed dog simply comes running, it throws these teams back in training! Dog owners should stick to this dog etiquette or dog owner etiquette! Living together becomes easier!

2. I take up the excrement of my dog basically always and everywhere and dispose it in the containers provided for it. The dog does not have hands with which he can pack his remains into the bag. We take over this reliably! This is a very important aspect of dog etiquette or dog owner etiquette. If all dog owners follow this, passers-by need not be angry with us and our animals! Thanks to Robidog.

3. I do not let my dog run towards other people or dogs. There are people and animals who are afraid of dogs and cannot react calmly when a dog (also out of joy) runs towards them. Every living creature has a right to fear and integrity. And fear is a strong feeling. If an animal or a human being is afraid, something (bad) has already happened to him. Dog owner etiquette par excellence! Much trouble and cleaning of clothes can be avoided!

4. dogs on a leash should not make contact Dogs smell much better than we humans. They sniff the other person even without direct contact. Unfortunately, many dog owners have the feeling that the dogs urgently need to "say hello" or "sniff each other". This is a mistake. After prior consultation with the other owner, the dogs can make contact without a leash where it is appropriate (see point 1). This dog owner etiquette or dog etiquette is already valid for . Puppies, because if the dog is big, a scuffle can arise quickly.

5. letting dogs on a leash play is dangerous! Also here you can, provided that the environment and the situation is right, agree with your counterpart and leave both dogs free in an orderly manner. Especially pull-out or flexi leashes cause accidents again and again! Here again etiquette on leash!

6) I always have an eye on my free-running dog and thus also under control. Of course, this includes that my dog can be called up reliably, so that I can take him to me e.g. at unclear places or crossroads. This paragraph from the etiquette gives again and again cause for quarrels. If we follow it, we live much more relaxed in this tense world.

7. In the forest my dog should not leave the paths and should not hunt or hurt other animals. A hunting dog is not only a great danger for the game, it can also cause accidents. Again and again poaching dogs are shot down by hunters. Remember that every dog is descended from the wolf and therefore still has some predator and hunter in its genes. Please also keep your dog on a leash in and around the forest in spring during the breeding and setting season. Remember that hunting develops slowly and may start with leaf or bird hunting.

8. I do not feed or pet strange dogs without being asked. This applies especially to children! Dogs act on children like magnets! It is not proper to stroke a strange dog spontaneously over the head, just as we do not do it with children. And always feed your own animal. Classic etiquette for the restaurant.

9. if a strange dog jumps at me, I turn away and ignore him! Do not talk to him, do not touch him, do not look at him. I try to keep calm. Do not scream and twirl your arms around! If a free-running dog jumps at my leashed one, I have to protect my dog! Try to repel the strange dog. Most dogs react to a sound signal or to our defensive posture. Unfortunately, such situations occur again and again. They should be avoided with foresight and consideration!

10. on the way, in the city, in the restaurant and other public places, I make sure that my dog does not bother or restrict anyone. Very few dogs can just lie quietly next to the table without training and that for hours. So restaurant training is the order of the day. I make sure that my dog does not beg or bark at other guests or get in the way of the staff. It is best to take a cloth or a blanket with you to the restaurant. The dog can relax there more easily because it smells familiar. It should be self-evident that the dog is not fed from the table.

It doesn't take much, and life is pleasant and stress-free for everyone involved - for dog and human!

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