Arlesheim Hermitage- Gempenturm - Goetheanum with 3 castle(ruins)

Arlesheim Hermitage- Gempenturm - Goetheanum with 3 castle(ruins)
Arlesheim Hermitage- Gempenturm - Goetheanum with 3 castle(ruins)
LengthAscentDescentMinimum heightMaximum heightApproximate duration
16.22 km788 m788 m336 m759 m5:15 h

Käthe with Bambi, Baghira, Cap and Pan Jr. Nicole with Loona and Irma with Clara (from 26.07.2020):

We started in Arlesheim on the PP Badhof (WE free of charge - otherwise 5.-/day) and from there to the Hermitage. In the Hermitage there are many paths to walk and exciting things to discover (grotto, stone caves etc.).

At the top of the Hermitage is Birseck Castle. From there it goes further up to Reichenstein Castle. We did without the hiking trail (there you would still come to a ruin) and followed the asphalt road to the castle (driving ban).

On the way back to the Eremiage we followed the hiking trail. After a short ascent, the path goes steeply and unevenly down to Birseck Castle. This section requires very good surefootedness! We would have preferred the road *hihi*

Back at the Hermitage we follow the small path to the 3 ponds again.

From there the easy ascent to the Gempenturm begins. Once there, you can either climb up the tower (1st I think it was me) or enjoy the view from the Schartenflue. As a reward you could also go to the Resti - but there were too many people.

After we enjoyed the view, we went back down the valley to the ruin Dorneck. There you could also enjoy a beautiful view and have a look at the next point of the tour - the Goetheanum. This building, as the second last stop of our tour, "MUST" be seen. Not beautiful and somehow still beautiful, is the imposing building in Dornach.

Back at the parking lot we admired the beautiful cathedral of Arlesheim.

A really nice tour with great stops!

The pure running time is 4:30h and with breaks, photos, enjoying it was a nice day tour for us.

Since most of the route is in the forest, this tour is also possible in summer.


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