Claro - Monastero Sta Maria-Cavri - Claro

Claro - Monastero Sta Maria-Cavri - Claro
LengthAscentDescentMinimum heightMaximum heightApproximate duration
6 km500 m500 m298 m771 m2:15 h

Sandra with Janto and Jenna (from 23.03.21):

For an afternoon tour I decided to walk up to the oldest monastery in Ticino. Since I only found blue parking zones in Claro and it was during the week, I parked my car at the Bosco di Sotto soccer field.

Following the Ticino for a short distance (to safely clean up my dogs before Claro), we then walk along the yellow trail until we arrived in Claro.

I enjoyed the climb up through the maze in the little side streets before heading off down the old mule track towards the monastery. My 🐕🐕 enjoyed a cool dip in the stream.

In zig zag it went higher and higher until we reached the monastery wall of St.Maria Assunta. I didn't visit the monastery itself, but the 3 of us enjoyed the silence during a snack break.

Then followed the piece on the paved road to the hamlet of Cavri. Here it could have a short stretch at grazing time animals. But at this time of the year/day there was nothing going on, so I allowed us a longer break before the descent, as long as the last rays of the sun still reached us.

The descent to Claro required a little more surefootedness and concentration. The same way back through the village and then it went on the direct way back to the car.

A nice tour with a lot of shade, from the end of the village.

With a bit of luck you can get a PP where the circuit closes at the top of the village or when the blue zones are allowed to be used for a longer time.

At this time of year it was no problem for the dogs with the lower part of the path.


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