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The safe encounter with guard dogs

Herd Protection Switzerland does not recommend taking the companion dog with you. Dogs as close relatives of the wolf excite a stronger defensive behaviour in guard dogs. If there is no possibility to bypass the herd and the dog is with you, you should keep it on a leash. Every walk should therefore be well prepared. Here the most important points summarized:

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Guard dogs

At Switzerland Mobile you can see the areas on the interactive map and prepare your tour in the best possible way:

1. click on "Hiking country

2. click on "+" at "Nature I Landscape

3. click on "guard dogs

All areas are marked yellow. If a tour in the herd protection area is called up, this is pointed out again.

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The most important rules of conduct for the encounter with guard dogs:

1. basic recommendation: do not bring your guide dog

2. disturb herd and dogs as little as possible Stay calm and keep as much distance from the herd as possible, avoid fast movements.

3. if a guard dog barks, run in your direction: stay calm and give the dog time to check that you are not a danger to his herd - this is his job Keep your distance from the animals and avoid provocations with sticks and fast movements. Once the guard dog has calmed down, continue your way. Avoid the herd if possible. Do not pet or feed the dogs.

4. if a guard dog does not calm down for a long time in your presence, avoid the herd if the terrain allows it Otherwise, turn back.

Text and images in consultation with Herdenschutzschweiz.ch

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