Zizers - Rhine - circular route

Zizers - Rhine - circular route

Livia with Kaya (from 16.03.19):

The Rhine with its origin at the Oberalp Pass leads to the big Rhine ports in Basel. In Graubünden alone, there are many wonderful routes along the Alpine river, magnificent views and great opportunities to cool off. Many hidden places invite you to stay.

Today we park our car near the railway station "Untervaz-Trimmis", directly in front of the children's playground "Peter Pan". By the way, this playground is already worth the journey: great adventures await the children here ;-). But we want to take a leisurely circular route and follow the signposted hiking trail from the playground over the bridge downstream. There are two possibilities here: either you walk on the tarred road (also bicycle path) or parallel to it, slightly elevated on the natural ground of the tree avenue. On the elevated path we now had the possibility to catch some views of the Rhine again and again. Here the path will disappear in summer in the shade (for the most part), be wonderfully cool and overgrown.

In between there are paths which lead directly to the river. Kaya is already enjoying these (today it is 20 degrees) to let off steam and refresh herself.

So we follow the path comfortably (with a detour to the river in between) to the bridge (also possible for wheelchairs or prams), cross the Rhine and walk upstream back to our starting point.

Attention: on the way back (upstream left side) the path runs a few meters parallel to the railway line (not closed).

An ideal place to take a short break (if you are on your way to Ticino via San Bernardino) or to spend the whole day on the river.


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