LengthAscentDescentMinimum heightMaximum heightApproximate duration
20.1 km542 m259 m595 m926 m5:15 h

Sandra, Nadine with Onyx (from 31.05.18):

From Valais we travel by train to Thun and start there from Amsoldingen. From the church we walk past the parking lot and follow the road. Soon we find the first signpost marked Blumenstein. We are all very grateful for the refreshing cooling in the water pipes that accompany us from time to time. From Blumenstein to Wattenwil we walk along a beautiful forest road before we start the ascent after the Wattenwil church. Following the beautiful hiking trail no. 4 we arrive in Riggisberg. As the sky is getting darker, we decide to take a short ice cream and coffee break. After the heavy thunderstorm is over, we start the last part to Rüeggisberg.

After about 5 hours of pure running time we arrive happily and contentedly at Gasthof Bären in Rüeggisberg, where we are warmly welcomed by Kiki. Our physical well-being and that of the dog is well taken care of. And with homemade potato salad with Hacktätschli and a good glass wine, we could look back on a wonderful and eventful day. Now we plan the route for the next day.

The route is highly recommended with dog. It is important to carry enough water for you and your dog and to keep an eye on the temperatures of the ground a little bit, because you partly walk on asphalt (watch out for paws!).


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