Urnäsch to St.Peterzell

Urnäsch to St.Peterzell
LengthAscentDescentMinimum heightMaximum heightApproximate duration
20.87 km753 m972 m612 m1126 m6:00 h

With Barbara and Vishi (from 6 May 2018):
In the morning from Urnäsch to St. Peterzell the partial stage of the "Vorarlberger - Appenzellerweg". At the start there is still a little fog, which makes the atmosphere over Urnäsch really mystical. With wonderful sunshine and pleasant temperatures, we then enjoy our Voralpen - stage to the full. Over lush meadows and through quiet woods, always a little bit up and down, we walk up in Urnäsch via Füliweid and Fuchsstein towards Schönengrund. The beautiful Appenzeller houses decorate the grass-green landscape picturesquely. Cows, horses, goats and sheep also greet us gaily and joyfully and are totally peaceful. On the way there is always a brook and several wells, so that Vishi can cool down and quench its thirst. Many lonely benches invite to stay - really beautiful places of power to "refuel". During the 3 ½ hours where we are on the way (incl. resting) we only meet a very nice Austrian, who is on his way to his destination 'Santiago de Compostela'. We enjoy a funny and interesting conversation! In Schönengrund there are refreshment stops who likes, otherwise there are enough nice places for picnics on the way. The beautiful village of St. Peterzell in the Necker Valley can be seen from far away and we continue walking for quite a while with a wonderful view of the Hemberg via Tüfi and Ämisegg down to the village. It's a dream to be able to walk so lonely and peaceful all the time! The far-sightedness of this hike and the wonderful nature are simply magnificent. Arriving in the village of St. Peterzell, we pay a visit to the impressive "cella sancti Petri" and then enjoy the beautiful rest of the village. Schäfle a delicious ice cream, where, by the way, one eats very well!


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